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Painting by artist Veera Kasicharernvat

Veera Kasicharernvat

printmaker & painter

Gallery Reviews

Patrick Moore Gallery UP: Veera Kasicharernvat and Stefanie Dykes.


Veera Kasicharernvat is a native of Bangkok, Thailand and M.F.A. graduate of the University of Utah who is well known in the area for his printmaking. In this exhibit, in addition to his prints, Kasicharernvat is displaying large scale, non-referential paintings which are part of the "Body memory" series.|8| The paintings are layered and very textural, evoking calligraphy, peeled paint and worn city walls, and use positive/negative interplay related to the artist's print work. The artist says these works are a process towards understanding "Chi," the inner essence of life energy that flows through everything. Stefanie Dykes is exhibit work from her ongoing "Cathedral" series.



BETWEEN THE LINES: Paintings and Prints by Veera Kasicharernvat


Art Access II Gallery is pleased to feature Between the Lines, paintings and prints by Veera Kasicharernvat. Basing his work on contemporary cultures and daily events, Kasicharernvat says that he enjoys working in that space between planning and accident. He enjoys the moment when colors are combined in unexpected ways or the image is re-contextualized.

He says, I am interested in how we navigate and reconcile dichotomies such as intuition and intellect, chaos and control and inner and outer life.,

The artist was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He received his MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the University of Utah in 2002. He has shown his work at Saltgrass, the Patrick Moore Gallery and in Painting and Sculpture, the Utah Arts Council Statewide Exhibition in 2005.




City Weekly:


Kasicharernvat’s art can be best approached by considering the pervasive influence of ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu on the artist and his work.In the paintings of nature, one finds calm and balance; in the color prints, geometric unity and harmony; and in the black-and-white prints, minimalist reduction and simplicity. Kasicharernvat hopes his work will have a visceral effect and invite meditative contemplation. (Ehren Clark)










Veera Kasicharernvat



Poor Yorick Studios

126 West Crystal Avenue, Studio A2

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115




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